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To make quality decisions, you need quality knowledge. Most importantly, you need to

Access comprehensive information

Bring together and review all relevant information about your tasks, which usually needs to be uncovered from unstructured contents, especially text, in disparate data sources. Currently, you need to manually sift through contents to capture data points. It is unscalable and increasingly becomes feasible.


Be accountable for you decisions

Demonstrate yours assessments are not subjective; instead they are backed by data, guidelines, policies and historical cases. Providing verifiable accountability requires extensive knowledge and again availability of data, yet it is time consuming, dependent on personal experience and unscalable.  

Learn and improve from historical cases and decisions so that you can predict trends, make recommendations and detect anomalies. However, acquiring such knowledge depends on individuals' learning effort and experience. It is hard to replicate; you rely on individuals to make or break business. 


Learn & improve continuously

Resolving your challenges with DeepNotes

A Platform as a Service, helping knowledge workers make optimal decisions in their tasks with curated knowledge.


Benefits of DeepNotes

Continuously curating knowledge from data for optimal decision making

  • Help businesses make right decisions everytime by providing all crucial information to your knowledge workers
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