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Five Soon-to-Be Trends in AI and Deep Learning

... and Their Implications for Meaningware

I recently read an article titled "5 Soon-to-Be Trends in Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning", published on the Forbes website.

In a nutshell, this article summarises the following trends:

  1. Training AI to Know What it Does Not Know, e.g. training a model to know when it doesn’t know, so a human can intervene to avoid the misclassification of unknown diseases.

  2. Reducing Call Center Burden, e.g. clustering calls, generating new call variables and automating transfer calls in call centers.

  3. Retail Giants making Big AI Investments, e.g. makinig the retail experience more optimized.

  4. AI Could Be the Answer to Restoring Privacy, e.g. creating powerful AI recommendation without knowing details about the person making choices.

  5. Prepare to Be Blown Away by AI-Assistants, e.g. integration of mobile devices and AI services.

A common theme running across these five trends is the use of AI technologies to optimise customer interactions (ref. 2 and 5) and to improve customer experience (3). The Iris pre-configured conversational AI solution template developed by Meaningware helps organises build conversational AI platforms, which can be integrated with call centre customer interactions and IVRs using AWS technologies like Connect. Iris comes with a set of pre-integrated AI and NLP components and models, based on which we can quickly add call routing and event classification features to customer interaction services.

Another mentioned trend is to use AI to protect customer data privacy (ref. 4) . Meaningware develops Deep Notes template to help organisations build services for detecting and classifying customer information in structured and unstructured data. For example, given a scanned invoice, Deep Notes can identify sensitive data in the invoice that needs to be protected, such as customer names, address, invoice IDs and bank details. Once Deep Notes extracts such metadata, organisations can index them for semantic search or build semantic links with a graph database.

More and more organisations are looking to leveraging AI technologies to gain competitive advantages and Meaningware helps organisations implement AI projects more reliably, faster and at lower cost. Please contact us to find out what Meaningware can do to assist you delivering your next AI applications.

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